Apologies on my lack of blogging over the last few months.

I’ve been trying to get back into blogging but with the problems I had with my lasts few posts on my old crappy computer I was put off a bit. But now that I have a new PC I promise I’ll try to write some new stuff after the weekend (once I get work out of the way).

Until then, here are some cute pictures of Snow Leopards 🙂






This one is my wallpaper 😉



I hope they put a smile on your dile!

(That came out a lot lamer than I intended :\ )


Simple Plan Concert <3

I realise I haven’t posted in a while, I have been completely overwhelmed with uni assignments lately and I’ve only recently overcome the Mount Everest that was my major assignments for two assignments. I bet its hard to believe that I would compare having only two assignments to Mount Everest but there was SO MUCH to each of them I did not believe I would get them done on time. After getting an extension on both of them I managed to miraculously get them finished in time for the new due dates. I’ve had this post completed for the last day but I haven’t been able to post it for some reason, if you are reading this then I managed to fix it (YAY).

I’ve been reminiscing a lot lately, and it made me want to take you back to the best night of my life (so far). Simple Plan. Melbourne. 2012. If you’re thinking I look back on this night so fondly because it was my first concert you’re sadly mistaken. I’ve seen so many people live I can’t even remember all of them. I’ve seen Taylor Swift (twice), Good Charlotte, Kisschasy (Australian band), Pink (seeing her again next year), Green Day, Snow Patrol, New Found Glory (Future Music Festival) and so many more. The reason that this particular concert meant so much to me is because I have loved Simple Plan since I was at least twelve (so for seven years). They toured the country many times when I was younger but my mother always told me that I was too young and refused to let me go. But I promised myself, that one day I would see them. Keeping true to myself, at the beginning of the year when I saw that they were touring Australia but not coming to Adelaide (but only Melbourne and some other state) I didn’t have to think twice, I convinced my boyfriend to come with me and bought the tickets that day. I cannot express how excited I was. I was finally going to see my favourite band live. Be in the same room as them. Be able to see their faces in person. Needless to say, it was a very big deal to me.

Fast forward to the day. We arrived about 1-2 hours before the doors were set to open (we were GA so we knew we would have to to if we wanted good spots). The first thing I did when the doors opened was rush to the Merch stand to buy a shirt just as I had always dreamed of doing. Obviously I was very excited but I tried to contain it the best I could, mainly for the sake of my boyfriend. There were two bands prior to Simple Plan, Hot Chelle Rae (pretty darn good) and The Never Ever, who I had never heard of, they were to ‘scene’ for my liking though.
Finally, all my excitement over the previous months, was building up to this very moment. Simple Plan finally walked onto the stage and there are not enough words in the English language to describe how I felt the moment I saw Pierre’s face in real life, for the first time… I was more excited than I have ever been in my life and I literally felt like crying. I had never understood why people cry from excitement until that very moment. I always thought they were silly, but there I was, a long with so many other people, screaming my head off, excited, but wanting to ball my eyes out at the same time (from pure happiness).

I think it goes without saying that the concert was absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, I have a really bad memory so I can’t really remember anything more specific about the actual concert other than I enjoyed it so much, and Pierre was really funny, and of course, REALLY FUCKING HOT! They were filming that night so you might even see me when the DVD comes out because my boyfriend put me on his shoulders many times, which was unbelievable because I could see them all so clearly. And of course reach out to Pierre with the naive hope that he’d wave to me, or wink at me or something. But he didn’t 😦

They played most of my favourite songs and I almost cried during a few of them, especially ‘this song saved my life’ (also considering that getting tattooed on my body somewhere), mainly because it brings back memories from High School, which I discussed in this post.

Regrettably, the concert had to end, and I was so sad when it did and they finally left the stage. The memory of this night will stay with me forever because I was finally allowed to see Simple Plan. The only thing that would have made that night better was if I met Pierre, David, Seb, Chuck and Jeff.

I will upload some photos on this post when wordpress stops being an annoying little shit 😛
Instead, here is a special treat for all you Pierre lovers, try not to get pregnant 😉

My favourite photo from the night.


My internet is currently capped (for the first time in ages) so instead of being extremely aggravated that it’s slowed down and is going to be extremely hard to finish my assignments I decided see this time as the perfect opportunity to write some posts. As I’m sure many of you are aware, the long weekend of Oktoberfest was this weekend. The main the reason for my knowing of this is because I work at a German Hotel; as such, I was granted to honour of dressing up as a German Beer Maid (in a Dirndl) on Monday (and boy did we get heaps of tips that day). Considering I actually know nothing about Oktoberfest other than it’s something that Germans celebrate it, and they drink a shitload of beer (more than likely the Oktoberfest beer like the one we have at work) I decided to look into it.

As a now very informed person on the matter (thanks to Wikipedia) I can tell gladly tell you the following facts about that celebration that is Oktoberfest.

  1. It is in fact a 16-18 day celebration running from late September until the first weekend of October.
  2. It is actually known as “die Weisn” by the locals, which is the colloquial name of the show grounds.
  3. The real name of the of the showground is ‘Theresienwies’ which means field or meadow of Therese.

    The showgrounds.

  4. Not only is it the most famous event in Germany but it is also the world’s largest fair, with 6 million people from all over the world attending.

    So many people!

  5. Oktoberfest is an important part of Bavarian culture, which is why people dress up in Dirndls.
  6. It has existed since 1810 (wow)
  7. There are other Oktoberfest celebrations across the world, but the one in Munich is the original one.
  8. Over 7million litres of Oktoberfest beer were served during the 17-day festival in 2007. (Well I was spot on about that one).

    Litre steins.

  9. Sadly, it was not celebrated during either of the world wars.
  10. It became huge in the 1960s, after this, everyone started picturing Germans as wearing Lederhosen and Dirndl’s.
  11. Many young people overestimate their drinking capacity, often forgetting that the alcohol content of Oktoberfest is 5.8-6.3% and it also has a high sugar content. They often pass out due to drunkenness and are called “Bierleichen” (Beer corpses)
  12. In popular culture, a knot in the apron (of the Dirndl) is an indicator of the woman’s marital status. With a knot on the left indicating she is single, and one on the right indicating she is either married, engaged or otherwise taken. A know in the centre on the front indicates she is a virgin, and a knot on the back indicates she is widowed. (Not related to Oktoberfest but I deemed it interesting enough to make the list.)
  13. Yes you could have discovered all of this yourself by googling it.
    Well…. apart from sneaky fact 13.1 German beer smells and tastes disgusting (in my personal opinion)

Oktoberfest at night.

However, thank you for taking the time to read my post. Accordingly, I will reward you a picture of myself in my ‘work uniform’ for the weekend.

My dirndl 😉

Dressing up is not just for children.

Whilst going through some of the many photos I have of myself I found some outfits that I haven’t had a chance to wear yet because I never go out. I think that’s my problem, I buy all these clothes so I can look nice when I go out, but then I always decide that I’d rather just stay home. I’m not saying its a bad thing, its something that I really like about myself (and not just because it saves me money I’d waste on alcohol). Don’t get me wrong, I love going out with my friends and having good time, but when it comes to the end of the day I’d rather stay at home in my PJs watching a movie, or one of my favourite TV shows. In the long run I don’t think I save that money because instead of going out I buy clothes online for when I eventually do go out, but then I hardly get a chance to wear them. Kind of ironic really. Because of this I’ve decided to post some of the photos I recently found of my new(ish) outfits. I hope you enjoy them as much as I will when I finally wear them. 🙂

Black lace dress 🙂
Don’t know why I wasn’t smiling in even one photo with this dress :\



Galaxy Skirt 🙂
(only reason I’m wearing grey singlet is because that was what I already had on, and I don’t know why it is sideways, sorry)


I will admit, I’ve worn my leopard dress a few times 😉

Moustache singlet because it’s amazing!

Pretty flower dress 🙂


Fairy outfit anyone?


Leather jacket and dress with tights 🙂

Full view of my leopard dress.

Pirate outfit.



My favourite Doctor Who shirt to finish it off because if you don’t like Doctor Who you’re insane (sorry).

If it wasn’t obvious I ran out of photos of outfits I hadn’t actually worn out so I just decided to post some of my favourites. Apologies for the two photos that are sideways I couldn’t figure out how to rotate them. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and look at the endless photos of myself.


Lazy title, lazy post.

I feel rather slack at the moment because I’ve been so stressed with uni lately that the only thing I’ve actually managed to get done lately is unpacking. To keep up my efforts of being really slack I’m going to give you this photo of my new hair. I wish I got it higher though because it doesn’t look as good as it could because I don’t have much purple at the bottom.

Purple ;D

You can see my hair better in the following photo, its all blurry and gross though.

Just ignore my face 😉

Maybe I’ll give you an idea of what I’ve had to sort out and unpack as well. This way you will understand why I haven’t gotten anything done in the last week 😦

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

As you can see, it’s a pigsty! That’s all I can show you at the moment as my boyfriend is in there and I have to get ready for work. At least you can actually see the floor now! Alas, that will have to wait until I get home from work. Apologies again for my lack of posts lately.

Studying hard, or hardly studying?

So at the moment I am really stressed with everything that is going on at the moment. I have two major assignments due in 2-3 weeks, my brother is visiting and I’m also in the process of moving house. I probably could have greatly reduced my stress load by moving next week or something, but I really wanted to move as soon as I could (mainly to save money). But this isn’t the main reason that I’m stressed, although it is very hard trying to juggle the three.  The main reason I’m feeling so stressed at the moment is because of these two assignments that I have to do, one is 50% of my grade and one is 40%, and I just don’t know how to do one of them. No matter how many times I sit down and try to knock it out (or even get started), I just don’t know where to begin and it’s driving me insane. Every time I sit down to do it I just have no clue what to do so I end up going on Facebook (sad, but true)

Something  I’ve realised this last week is that trying to do so many things at once is really tiring. And I still have a lot of uni work to do, my room is currently the biggest mess ever (I’m currently sleeping in my sisters bed because mine is still at the old house) but at least I get to spend some time with my brother. I’m exhausted, I have a double shift at work tomorrow, which means I’ll be there for 7-10 hours. And then I have to get up early on Sunday to move my bed into the new place and then go and get my wardrobe. After I’ve managed to get all the unpacking done I really have to knuckle down and finish these assignments. All I can say is I CANNOT WAIT FOR SUMMER HOLIDAYS!

What I want to know though is, how do you deal with stress?