Confessions of a Bookaholic.

I’ve loved reading ever since I can remember, but unfortunately I don’t read as much as I would like to these days, unless its the type of book that you just can’t put down. I come across these books more often than you’d think, but most of the time even though the book is still really good I end up spending my time doing other pointless activities like watching TV (at the moment all I’ve been watching is Pretty Little Liars) or wasting time on the computer (its amazing how much time can pass when you’re not even really doing anything). 

Therefore, to try and get back into reading a bit more I’ve decided I’m going to undertake the Gilmore Girls Reading Challenge (all explanation necessary is in the link).  At the moment I’m thinking I will aim for at least Lorelei level because that seems possible, but depending on how long it takes me I might even aspire to the Rory level. Obviously this challenge is a couple years old so I will be changing it up a little bit to suit myself and make from March 2013 – March 2014. I intend to begin after I have finished the final book of my favourite trilogy (The Delirium Trilogy) which comes out on my birthday (March 5). I believe this will be a fun activity and I am mainly doing it to broaden my horizen so to speak. I have a tendency to only read one genre of books so I’m hoping this will not only enable me to learn to enjoy reading different genres (especially classics) but also encourage me to begin reading a lot more. If you think this is something you’d be interested in doing let me know and hopefuly we can discuss some of the books we’ve read. 

On the topic of my favourite books I’m going to create a little challenge/list of books that I highly recommend everyone should read as they are books that I just could not put down. I don’t know how long this will take me but I will start it today. It will be a mixture of trilogy’s and individual books but I really love to share books that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself with other people (like I do with my sister all the time) so it would actually mean a lot to me if you could take to time to read my list of my favourite books (when I have compiled it and posted it) and at least consider reading even a few of them. Just try to ignore how bad my description of each book will be 😛

Until next time,



I bet you think this post is about you.

Today’s post is going to incorporate a few different themes, after all, I did promise you Doctor Who,  books and kittens, so you’re going to get a bit of everything. Starting with…

Doctor Who.
Now this is a subject I could go on about forever, however, today I’m only going to discuss my favourite episode. This has been my favourite episode for a while, probably only because it’s the only one that comes to my mind, and I’s ‘The Girl in the fireplace’. However, truth be told, if I had a list of all the (new) Doctor Who episodes in front of me, I wouldn’t be able to pick my absolute favourite episode because I love them all, for so many reasons. Nonetheless, I can definitely say that even though I adore Matt Smith, David Tennant (the tenth Doctor for you non-Doctor Who fans) will always be my favourite Doctor.

As for my favourite companion? That’s a very tough decision; Rose has always been my favourite, but I’m thinking that my new favourite is Amy Pond (how can you not love her with a name like that).

I could literally talk about this forever, but I believe it is time to decide what my next subject will be…

This is not an easy subject for me to cover, as I absolutely love reading books; I don’t even know where to begin. This, without a doubt, will need its own post to discuss the wonderful books that I have discovered over the years. For now, I will discuss to two favourite books series/trilogies that I have discovered lately.

#1 Delirium Trilogy

This series revolves around Lena, and is set in a future where love is forbidden and seen as a disease, which there is a cure for, that everyone is to receive when they turn 18. This is a day that Lena has been looking forward to because: “A life without love is a life without pain: safe, measured, predictable, and happy.” I don’t understand this because I can’t imagine a life without love, which is why I find this trilogy to be so intriguing.  Anyway, matches are chosen for each individual based on how compatible they are. In the summer before her operation Lena does what any typical teenage protagonist does, she falls in love. HOWEVER, it is very important before you judge this series (especially based on what I just said because I am horrible at describing books/movies) that you read it, because I fell in love with this series and literally could not put it down. Unfortunately, Requiem (the final book) does not come out until next year, on my birthday (hint, hint). And while my rating probably doesn’t mean anything to you I would without hesitation rate this series as 12/10!

#2 The Rangers Apprentice Series

This is a very long series (consisting of around 12-13 books) that follows the adventures of Apprentice Ranger (surprise, surprise) Will Treaty (he does not actually have a last name until about the 4th or 5th book) and his companions; it is based in the Kingdom of Araluen which was (very obviously) based on Medieval Europe.  Due to my great inability to describe books and actually make them sound good, I’m going to leave it there, with one final note. One of the reasons I really enjoy this series is because it’s an adventure series and for the good of all books, it’s not a love story. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a good love story, but there are just so many shit ones out there, honestly, I’m a bit over it. Oh, and Will is extremely skilled in using a longbow, which is so awesome. Having said all of that I’d probably rate this series 8.5/10; only because it’s just so long and I’m currently up to book 7 and having a short break where I may or may not be reading the 50 shades series (please don’t shoot me! I couldn’t resist). I’m only doing this because I’m not used to reading such a long series (apart from the Tomorrow Series which I love to death). Once I’m done with 50 shades I’m looking forward to seeing where Will’s adventures will take him next!

And finally…

KITTENS… my biggest weakness. They’re just so goddamn cute! Because of their overwhelming adorableness I’m going to keep this short and sweet and give you some of my favourite pictures which I made into a collage because (as always when it comes to kittens) I got carried away and inserted at least twenty pictures.

I’ll save my favourite movies and music artists for another post as its 9:36pm and I’m yet to do any uni work for the day. I wish I could think of a cooler way to end this post…