Hello again old friend…

They say most blogs won’t last a year. I guess this is true in the case of my beloved ‘Random Rants’ as I kept wanting to write a new post, but it got more and more spasmodic until I just didn’t post anything at all. It’s not that I didn’t want to, nor that I didn’t have any ideas. They just weren’t great enough to pull me away from the uni work that I’m forever drowning in. Yesterday, it was one month exactly until I’m finished my uni degree (yay!). As such, I’d like to try to get back into this blogging thing again, because I thoroughly enjoyed it (while it lasted). There’s something about being able to write about whatever you’d like without knowing who is going to read it. I’d like to be able to do that. Basically, this is just a short post to apologise for my absence, and to let any of my few remaining followers know that I’m back, hopefully for good this time.

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Only the Best 21st Birthday idea ever.

I’m back my pretties, with a very exciting topic if I say so myself.

Although I’m only turning twenty this year I’ve started thinking about what I want to do for my twenty-first birthday, and last night when I was talking to my mum it hit me. For anyone who knows me they’ll just roll their eyes when I tell them my idea. Let’s just say its only my favourite show EVER. Pause for the drum roll please… DOCTOR WHO! 😀 😀

Because pictures make every post better.

Because pictures make every post better.

If you’re wondering why everyone would roll their eyes, well lets just say that some people think I’m a bit ‘over-eager’ when it comes to Doctor Who…. It’s not like I have a massive collection of Dr Who or anything……

I only have: Four sonic screwdrivers (one is an actual screwdriver, one is a pen, one is a light, and one makes cool sounds), 3 Doctor Who Shirts (1 is vintage), 3 Tardis mugs (one is for display only), A Dalek toy (present from my boss), A Tardis key chain, David Tennant key chain, 1 plush adipose toy, and only every season since Christopher Eccleston….

I can’t help it. I just love Doctor Who so much.

Anyway, back to the original topic.

So I am going to have a Doctor Who theme for my 21st. Obviously, guests can be whatever they want as long as its Doctor related (e.g. a Dalek or The Doctor) but I don’t think I’ll be too happy if everyone wants to come as The Doctor. As for myself, I’m thinking of being either Rose or Amy as they are my two favourite companions (Although it might be Clara by then, I quite like her from the Christmas Special). And of course nobody else will be allowed to be who I chose to dress up as seeing as it will be MY birthday 😉

Rose Tyler

Rose Tyler.

Amy Pond

Amy Pond.

Clara Oswin.I'm thinking this might be the best choice for me as I have naturally brown hair.

Clara Oswin.
I’m thinking this might be the best choice for me as I have naturally brown hair.

My sister’s friend is really talented at baking cakes so she’s going to make a Tardis cake for me. I haven’t actually told her that’s what I want yet, but she’s already said she’ll make my cake for me. I’m thinking it will look something like this.

I want to have a little David Tennant figurine next to it as well though.

That’s all for now, I’ll make sure to keep you updated with anymore ideas I come up with.

Eek, I’m so unbelievably excited!!!!!

So there are pictures of me from other posts. I’m interested in knowing who you think I should go as. Or just who your favourite Doctor Who companion is out of Rose, Amy and Clara.